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With 50+ mobile apps developed and an average of 3 months timeframe from the initial call to the app stores for MVPs, our team delivers performant mobile products swiftly.

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We are a product-oriented team that builds mobile experiences, fast.

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Whether you are a product company looking to create large scale, performant apps, improving your app, a startup ready to change the world, or just looking for consultancy and guidance for your projects we take care of all your mobile apps and mobile product development needs.

Our team is blazing fast, delivering MVPs in an average timeframe of 3 months since the first contact with the client. Fast doesn’t mean rushed, we’ve done it over one hundred times and know exactly what it takes to build a great mobile product on a budget.

We are more than just code, we understand what it takes to build mobile products, and what makes them great, we've done it ourselves successfully.


Mobile apps are our passion, we grew together with mobile technologies and come to master them. Weather is live-streaming, Machine Learning, Augmented or Virtual Reality, fintech, or games, we've done them all.

Not only do we master mobile technology, but we also master the product, identity, branding, user experience, design, and marketing. We don't code apps, we build mobile products and experiences.

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A great mobile application helps you achieve your business goals while delighting your users. Our team of product strategists helps you identify and address the most crucial aspects of your mobile app, offering their best advice on what makes apps and people connect.

We understand the importance of the branding of an app, colors, fonts, logo, and name, all come together to build a lasting experience expressing the identity of your product.

Together with our UX experts, we engineer pathways for your users to complete desired goals within the mobile app. To make sure the mobile application fulfills its purpose, we run usability tests in real-life scenarios.

We combine functionality with eye-candy designs, adding color, interactions, and all those twists and tweaks that make an outstanding mobile app design.

Not sure about the user experience? We build prototypes based on the designs so you can play with the app even before we start building all the core features in it. This is a great way to get the look and fill, without diving into heavy development.

Your mobile application will thrive in the hands of our skillful Android and iOS developers. We bring engineering together with creativity and expertise on tiny screens, to develop mobile apps using the technology that best fits your product.

We build custom back-end services for your app and your budget. We build solutions that handle all kinds of loads and user stress that are available 24/7 with no downtime.

We love playing and building apps that use Natural Language Processing, AI algorithms, AR/VR, and Machine Learning techniques. Not only do we believe this is the future, but we are also helping you shape it.

No feature of your mobile app goes live before being tested. We run manual and automated tests to make sure of the quality of the mobile application we build.

50 +

apps developed

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people use our products

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We partnered with appssemble for the mobile apps of WikiTribune, they provided technical and product guidance and helped us reach our goal. They continue to be our mobile provider as they are proactive and delivered a great product. If you’re searching for a mobile agency that is fast-paced and delivers I would definitely recommend them!
Jimmy Wales, CEO
Wikipedia & Wikitribune
I have worked with appssemble for over 2 years on multiple mobile projects, they were always on time and understood the projects, they were partners rather than vendors. They stood behind their work and provided technical excellence. It is always a pleasure working with them!
Mihai Motocu, CEO
appssemble is a confident partner, they are flexible, organised, open and very technically skilled. I have worked with remote teams for many years and they were one of the best, that is why I choose to do multiple projects with them.
Christian Rogobete, General Manager
Soneso GmbH
appssemble has helped me validate my digital product idea and build a mobile application that is helping my business grow. They are communicative, transparent and agile. I enjoyed working with them and would definitely recommend them to others!
Raul Voda, General Manager
Doira EURL

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