We are passionate about building mobile experiences.

mobile app development

We've built 50+ mobile products, helped startups raise €30+ million in funding, and touched the lives of millions of people.

Building a mobile app is much more than writing code, we pick the best technologies for the job, building awe lasting experiences through the design, and marketing it to reach the customers it was intended for.

Your partner for bold mobile digital products

We work side-by-side with ambitious companies, brands, and founders to solve problems and create dazzling user-centric mobile experiences. We master native mobile technologies, contribute to open source, guide founders through the process of building great products, and help them make informed decisions.

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Startup Consulting

Partnering with you on transformation & growth opportunities to achieve your goals faster, through mobile products.

User-Centric Design

Listening to your users to uncover opportunities and turn your target market into customers and customers into fans.

Experienced Engineering

Building and evolving your product to enable, scale, & sustain meaningful customer relationships.

Our Values

mobile app development
Technology-focused, product-driven.
We are a team of 15+ down-to-earth and unpretentious people lucky enough to be doing what we love most, build mobile products. Not only do we know how to code world-class mobile products, but we are also obsessed with product development, market trends, and helping you improve the product in crucial areas.
Innovation is our core.
A deep love of everything technical unites us, a passion for making, doing, and creating innovative mobile experiences. We like to try things out and just see what happens. That’s usually how innovations come about. Our free-spirited, interdisciplinary approaches help us think things through originally and produce awesome mobile products.
We are technology and product partners.
Whether it's starting from scratch or working alongside your existing development team, we are partners in the development of your product, we bring our know-how in all the projects we develop.

Trusted by ambitious companies, brands, and founders.

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