Augumented reality cabin baggage measurement app.


Measure your travel luggage easily by using your phone's camera. Luggage fit will tell you automatically if your baggage fits the maximum size allowed by your airline. Using Apple’s latest toolkits and our algorithms, the app allows you to measure your luggage and see if it fits in the cabin compartment of your favorite airline.


App Store purchases
Remotely customizable airplanes luggage size list
Luggage measuring with percentage of item fit
Custom sizes measurment

Launch & Maintenance

Created marketing materials
SEO for AppStore
Analytics and link attributions
Conducted advertising campaign on the AppStore


iOS development
Backend development
Multi-device manual testing

Features showcase

Multiple airlines & custom

With luggage-fit, you can choose from a HUGE number of predefined airlines that can be improved and customized by our clients remotely meaning that the date in the app is always accurate and in-sync with airline's policies. In addition to this, the app also allows measuring other custom sizes for other types of items of luggage or less known airlines.

Scan anywhere

It does not matter if you're already in the airport, or at home preparing your luggage for your next flight, out luggage fit allows you to easily measure your travel companion -- your luggage.

Scan the top, get the size

The technology we've built into the app allows the user to scan only the top of his bag, unlike other competitors where the sides of the luggage also need to be scanned. We created a scan process that is faster and yields better results.

Total control

The app not only tells you if your luggage fits, but it also tells you its size and which part of it is problematic, so you can decide if you want to leave behind a few items or store them somewhere else. The built-in guideline system is a great way to easily see which part of the luggage doesn't fit.



2 weeks sprints
Daily standups
Weekly status updates


1 iOS
1 Q&A
1 Designer
1 PO/Scrum master




August - December 2019

Take away and


One of the requirements for this project was to build an app that is easy to use on that also offers a good accuracy value to the user by supporting multiple airlines and does not need periodic updates.

For the UX/UI part, we have chosen a dark theme approach in which the components to be evident and easy to use. We created a design that resembles the iOS default components with a modern touch.


Since the requirement was to be able to update the app on the flight we have identified which needs to be updated and made the airline requirements list fully customizable from a web console. The most fun and challenging part were to implement a good measuring tool that would yield great results after a complex analysis we came up with a solution that only requires the user to scan the top of the bag that puts the app way ahead in front of its competitors.


The major takeaway from this project was that AR opens the world to a new immense field of possibilities in the area of mobile application and strengthens our vision that we should use the newest and best available technology to further improve all aspects in our daily lives.


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